This is an example of a vintage bike.

Q: I don't have a vintage or 'heroic' bike.  Can I still participate in the event? 

A:  Yes!  Mountain or hybrid bikes are also acceptable.  The route is on gravel and non-gravel roads.  Please be prepared for some steep climbs.  Walking is an option!


Q:  If I don't have a vintage bike - can I wear vintage clothing?

A:  Absolutely.  There will be prizes for best dressed!

Q:  Do you know where I can purchase a vintage bike?

A:  In short - yes.  Mariposa Bicycles is a great resource for vintage bikes and gear in Toronto.  Locally, Kamikaze has vintage-style bikes.  And, for pre-loved bikes, feel free to check out

Q:  Do I have to be an expert rider to participate?

A:  No!  In 2017, we have added a 25km "Cruiser" Route for riders who might feel the 60km "Classic" Route is too much.  And, we have updated this route to truly be a gentler ride for folks just starting out & wanting to participate or just getting their legs for the season! We recommend that cyclists be prepared for a long, challenging ride for both the 40k and 60k rides. There are epic climbs on gravel & non-gravel roads. Weather plays a huge factor in the course. They are manageable distances for riders of all abilities, but we recommend folks be comfortable & confident for the longer courses.  There are rest stops and water stations for all rides where folks will have the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments, the countryside and one another!  At each rest stop, you can 'Escape Back to Creemore' and head back to the Brewery/village of Creemore.  Turas Mór is about the journey - so don't feel pressure to be an expert cyclist to come out & experience!

Q:  How far is Creemore, Ontario from Toronto?

A:  Plan on approximately 2 to 2.5 hours from downtown Toronto.  Airport Road is the easiest way to reach Creemore, but please visit our 'Directions' page to find the best route from your home to the village. The 60k ride starts at 10am (40k at 10:30 and 20k at 11:30) - so we hope this gives folks enough time to arrive.  Or, plan on coming up the night before and staying at one of our local B&Bs or at neighbouring hotels in Collingwood or Blue Mountains.

Q:  Where can I park for the event?

A:  Parking along side streets in Creemore should not be an issue.  That said, it may be a busy day with an early Farmer's Market (Station on the Green) and the Vintage Festival (9-5).  There is ample parking at the public school (County Rd 9 & Collingwood), the community centre/legion (Collingwood & King), the Medical Centre (Elizabeth & Library) and the Library (Caroline & Library). 

Q:  Will there be a secure area for the bikes (before/after and at rest stops)?

A:  Yes.  We will have a secured area for bikes before and after the ride.  Only participants will be allowed access.  As well, there will be ample, secure bike racks at the two rest stops.

Q:  Do I need to wear a helmet for the ride?

A:  Yes, helmets are mandatory.  All rules of the road MUST be obeyed at ALL TIMES unless otherwise directed by Police.

Q:  Will there be on-site medical available?

A:  Yes.  First responders will be following the ride.  We also recommend you bring along personal ID including your Health Card.  In case of an emergency, we will contact your Emergency Contact (in the waiver).  Please have an emergency contact that is not riding along with you.


Q:  Is the route on paved roads only?

A:  No.  Both routes are on paved and non-paved roads.  So - please come prepared!

Q:  Will there be roadside assistance for duration of the event?

A:  Yes, but roadside assistance will be limited.  Please come prepared and self-sufficient.  We suggest extra tubes, multi-tool, pump and C02 to include in your ride kit.

Q:  Can my 14-year old child participate on the ride?

A:  No, unfortunately not.  All riders must be 19 years or older to participate.

Q:  Will there be food choices available for certain dietary restrictions (Celiac? Allergies (nut/shellfish/other)?  Vegetarians?)

A:  Light refreshments will be offered and available during the ride.  There will be après hospitality at Creemore Springs Brewery post ride.  The food experiences at all locations will be limited and will not cater to dietary restrictions or allergies.  Please ask or advise of food allergies prior to consumption at each location.

Q:  Can friends & family join me that day?  And, if so, what is there to do?

A:  There will be lots to do in Creemore!  Enjoy the Farmer's Market (8:30-12:30 - Station on the Green) or the Village Vintage Festival (9am-5pm).  Or, poke about town and enjoy shops, galleries and restaurants.  Come by the Brewery for a taste & a tour - tours are free of charge and go from noon - 4pm on the hour. You can also purchase lunch for them during post-ride festivities or they can bring in their own food with them & still enjoy the tented area.